Chen Zou (°1986, Jiangsu, China) is a multimedia artist and filmmaker. 

Her works appear as dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet, well-known tropes merge, meanings shift, past and present fuse. Time and memory always play a key role. She wants to amplify the curiosity of the spectator by creating compositions or settings that generate tranquil poetic images that leave traces and balances on the edge of recognition and alienation.

By applying a poetic and often metaphorical language, she uses a visual vocabulary that addresses different social and political issues. The work incorporates time as well as space – a fictional and experiential universe that only emerges bit by bit.


Chen Zou  Born in 1986, Jiangsu, China.

Currently lives and works in Shanghai and Chicago



2014  MA in Interdisciplinary Arts, Columbia College Chicago, USA

2011  Certificate in Film Directing, EICAR, International Film School of Paris, France

2008  BFA in New Media Art, China Academy of Art, China


Selected Exhibitons

2014  Solo Exhibition, The Gallery, C-Space, Beijing, China

2013  Mauvais Garçon, Links Hall Theater, Chicago, USA

2012  China Drifting-Zurich Street Parade Techno Music Festival, Zurich, Switerland

2011  No Borders - Experimental Moving Image by Young Chinese Artist, Online Exhibition, FTChinese.com

2007  Group Exhibition Future in Future, H Space, ShanghArt Gallery, Shanghai, China

2007  Cao Chang Di Art Festival, Documentary Program, Cao Chang Di Art District, Beijing, China


Selected Film/Video Production Credits


Director, Producer, Editor

Canal Saint- Martin, Frog Kingdom, Bubble Dreams, Scenes from a Marriage, Office Lady 


Production Designer/ Assistant Production Designer

La petite Mort, Where is Fifi, STEF, Frog Kingdom


Script Supervisor

Bored to Death, Abbers's Waltz, What About Crissy, Alone Together